RGoldie Design offers Graphic Design, Web Design and Photo Scanning Services in Nottingham, PA the heart of Southern Chester County Pennsylvania
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Basic Photo Scanning Package

My photo scanning rates are $5.00 per 25 photos scanned, with minimal retouching & color adjustments made.

One unlabeled CD of the files in a soft sleeve is included in the price. However, I can provide the files on a flash drive or upload them to the site of your choosing upon your request at no additional charge.

Extra CDs, CD labels, jewel cases, custom designed flash drives and shipping costs are extra.

Scanning Requirements

• Photos or pages must be less than 11 inches wide on any side.
• I can not scan from negatives or film at this time - prints only.
• Poloroids are acceptable.
• Please remove photos from frames whenever possible.
• Please make sure photos are not stuck or glued together. Here is a helpful guide for unsticking photos.
• I can not accept photos that are not "family-friendly" - I have small children at home.

Limitations of Media

Please keep in mind that scanning from older prints won't give you the high quality sharp image that digital photography provides. They are usually pretty grainy, off-color and/or slightly blurred - it's the nature of the way they used to be printed. I do make an effort to improve the images where I can for the best results, but there are quality limitations at the basic scanning level.

Digital imaging and photo restoration services that would improve results would be an additional fee.

Your Precious Memories

I will return all original prints. I understand the precious nature of your photo memories and will take extra good care of them while they are in my possession.

Optional Fee-Based Services Include:

• Digital Photo Restoration - (remove tears, blotches, stains, speckles, etc.)
• Photo Color Manipulation - (adjust faded colors, create sepia or black and white images)
• Background Removal
• Photo Manipulation - (add Grandma, remove an ex, marry an alien!)
• Photo Touch Up - (remove blemishes, add soft lighting, etc.)

Please feel free to contact me if you need further clarification or would like to proceed.